Guide to group work

Group work is prepared in groups of 3-5 members. The group could be made up of students from different countries. The above requirement does not have to be met if the study materials are used by only one group of students from one country.
An overview of the topic is prepared as group work. The work is presented as a presentation file in the forum "Submission of group work" of the 5th study week, and the results of group work are also introduced to the fellow students in the contact hour.

Group work structure (13-16 slides):

  • Title slide title and names of group members
  • The purpose of the introductory work, the rationale for the choice of topic, and the research tasks
  • 8-10 content slides - opening the topic area, linking examples and theory
  • A practical task or review topics with which fellow students can demonstrate listening to the presentation
  • Summary - main conclusions from the selected topic area
  • End slide

The topic of group work must be chosen from the areas presented in study weeks 2 to 4. Collaborators need to find a narrower problem in the field and open it up by linking examples and theory. For example, the topic of group work may be the impact of local laws on traffic regulation, the financing of the transport sector, the possibilities of ensuring road safety, etc.

The group chooses the topic of the group work independently and posts its chosen topic in the forum "Selection and approval of group work topics" in the 3rd study week. Group work topics must not be repeated!

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