Topic outline

  • General information


       Intelligent Transport and Traffic Management study module
                   EU legal bases of traffic management


  • Week 1: Intorduction to the subject. Legislation, EU regulations

    Learning guide (Week 1):

    1. In addition to participating in the lecture, repeatedly review the presentation material: "Legislation, EU regulations1071/2009, 1072/2009, 1073/2009.
    2. Solve self-tests. The test can be tried countless times. The test is for the preparation and repetition of the exam at the end of the course.
    3. Look through extra materials to get an overview about the EU transport directives.
    4.  Visit the webpage EUR-Lex ( and get familiar to search different EU legal documents to regulate the transportation sector. It provides the official access to EU legal documents. 
  • Week 2: Development strategies at EU and local level

  • Week 3: Funding opportunities in the field on transport and road safety management

  • Week 4: State intervention in transport market regulation. Road safety program

  • Week 5: Infrastructure financing and cost recovery options

  • Week 6: Local and EU procurement strategies

  • Week 7: Transport companies and organizations, the dependence of their strategic management on legislation and EU strategies

  • Week 8: Course Summary