The aim of compiling an essay is to develop the ability to define and discuss sectoral/traffic management problems.

To compile an essay, the student chooses one of the following topics:

  1. The need for regulations to manage transport and mobility
  2. The need for pan-European traffic management
  3. Differences in traffic management between the EU Member States
  4. Traffic management problems and solutions in my country
  5. Needs for updating legislation concerning the development of vehicles (drones, etc.)
  6. Traffic management as a developer or inhibitor of freight transport
  7. Traffic management as a driver of demand for public transport

To write an essay, the student finds 1-2 articles on which to base the discussion. Articles could be research articles. It is important to ensure that when writing an essay, not only is the retelling of the article, but the information from the article is also relevant and analyzed. The student could give as many examples and connections from their home country as possible in the essay.

Essay structure:

  • An introduction to the research problem and the purpose of the essay. In the introduction, the student gives a brief overview of the selected articles and issues
  • A section describing the nature of the problem in paragraphs 3-4 and reflecting the information from the article concerning your opinion and possible solutions to the chosen problem. In the content part, the student must demonstrate analytical skills and the ability to discuss.
  • A summary in which the student presents the main conclusion and his / her summary opinion on the chosen topic and problem. In conclusion, the student concludes as to whether the purpose of the work was achieved
  • Literature used, including articles and other materials used to compile the essay. The materials used must also be referred to in the work.

The essay will be submitted to the "Submitting Essays" forum as a file for other students to see. To pass the subject module, it is recommended to read the essays prepared by peers.

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