Kurs Görseli BIM [Building Information Modeling] in Electrical Installations (TET013) - A. Mandre, E. Tael - ENG


Subject name:
BIM (Building Information Modeling in electrical installations)

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Assessment method:
Graded prelim

Study period:
2024/2025 Spring

Andres Mandre
Elias Tael

Schedule of classes (Lecture; Practice):
L:32 P:32

Language of studies:
English, Estonian



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Language of studies:
English, Estonian

Subject affiliation and purpose:
This subject is part of the Electrical Engineering programme, but it is also applicable to other specialties. The aim of the course is to introduce and teach BIM (Building Information Modelling) engineering software in electrical engineering, to provide an overview of general principals of BIM software used in the field of electrical engineering and the possibilities of the use of such software. The introduction and study of the use of the software is supplemented by practical tasks and assignments with the use of software in assembly and compiling of electrical systems of electrical installation.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX course is a prerequisite subject to the following subjects:
1) MET320 Design of the Low-Voltage Installations;
2) MET322 Design of Substations and Electrical Networks;
3) MET324 Design of Automation Systems.

Completion of this course provides knowledge about working with specialized BIM software and skills to making 3D-BIM models and 3D engineering drawings for projects in the above-mentioned courses.

Learning outcomes (LO) of the subject:
A student has a basic understanding of the electrical installation project BIM objectives, stages and format (basics of BIM)
A student has an understanding of general workings about the BIM design software for electrical systems (basics of BIM software)
A student has an understanding of general principals about the BIM design procedures and steps for electrical systems (basics of BIM design)
A student has an understanding of general purpose for the application and use of BIM design for electrical systems in engineering and design of buildings (basics of BIM usage)
A student obtains knowledge on how to use BIM software [e.g. (CADMATIC Electrical; Autodesk REVIT)] on a basic level for making Electrical (Installation) BIM design (BIM software in design and design in BIM software)
A student gains a holistic perspective on the application of BIM in both 3D and 2D projects with emphasis on electrical installation components and electrical systems parameter information modelling (holistic understanding of BIM).

Brief description of subject content:
The subject provides a systematic overview and a basic understanding of the purpose of electrical installation part in BIM in building construction project and objectives of BIM documentation of electrical installation project. The subject introduces briefly the normative documents (legislation and standards) on which the BIM design is based. The most common regional software [e.g. (CADMATIC Electrical; Autodesk REVIT)] is used for study purposes in the design of electrical systems for introduction of BIM in electrical installation design and engineering. During practical use, BIM design software and its possibilities are studied. With practical software use, students learn about BIM 3D design environment for electrical installation in buildings.
The course provides a comprehensive exploration of BIM in the context of electrical installations. Participants will gain insights into the widespread adoption of BIM in recent designs, driven by both progressive construction companies and government/municipal requirements. The course delves into the impact of BIM on electrical design, addressing software tools, challenges, and the essential skills required for effective implementation.
The aim of the studies is to be able to compile BIM for the electrical installation project of buildings and to obtain an understanding of the importance of BIM in electrical engineering.

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Recommended prerequisite subjects:
RKE120 - Data Processing (3.00 EAP)
RKE124 - Basics of Engineering Graphics (3.00 EAP)
MET297 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (6.00 EAP)

Relation to structural unit:
Institute of Technology

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In process of preparation