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    E-course learning outcomes

    The student has passed the course:

    • has an overview of standards and knows how to handle reference material,

    • knows the norms that deal with making technical drawings and types of graphic images, has skills in the drawing technique

    • can read and make in accordance with valid norms technical drawings with needed images,

    • knows what a building information model is and what it can be used for

    • can use the basic commands of model design software and can model a simpler building

    • can save .dwg and .pdf drawings from a BIM model

    • can save the designed building in .ifc format and share it with other design/project parties

    • can use model viewer software (IFC format model) and check model information (eg Solibri Anywhere, Trimble Connect, Tekla Bimsight, Navisworks Manage)

    • is aware of model inconsistencies and quality control and their possibilities

    • understands the content structure of the model.

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